Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Here's a rather grainy pic (taken with my now almost-vintage phone) of a girl's poncho to suit a 9-10 year old. It's made with Tivoli Celtic Aran superwash wool in a woven (or "seed") stitch, and is finished with a picot edging. I made this one before Christmas and a second one in blue just last week, for the same girl - I hope they keep her toasty and warm. :) Tivoli Aran weight wool is machine washable on a gentle cycle, these ponchos should be dried flat to keep their shape.

I'll soon be on the hunt for some lightweight yarn to make some more ponchos for those chilly spring and summer evenings; we get plenty of those here in the West of Ireland! Maybe I should add a hood...we do get the odd sprinkle of rain too...;)

Sorry about the picture quality, will try to upload a better version soon!


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